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Japanese ultra-contemporary artist, born and currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.

Her body of work focuses on the unknown potential of each of us as human beings and our evolving spirit towards a new era. Much of her work is inspired by her own interdimensional and subconscious experiences. She seeks to make it a multidimensional expression that works in the realm of human consciousness, by combining physical experience with non-physical mediums.

In recent years, she has been creating interactive installations,and media works using XR, Metaverse and NFT, that emphasise experiences.

Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Art, BFA in painting in 2003. Studied at the Australian National University School of Art & Design, majoring in Gold & Silversmithing as an exchange student in 2001 - 2002. During her student days, she was exposed to a variety of materials and tried her hand at expression through two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and installation works.
After graduating from university, she moved to Germany in 2004 and worked as a graphic designer at a video production company in Dusseldorf. Upon returning to Japan, she worked as a graphic designer then after she started her career as an illustrator in 2010 (under a different name). Her works have been used for the cover of the paperback edition of Sayaka Murata's "Hoshi ga sū mizu" (Kodansha), NHK TV program character design, fashion brand "deep sweet easy", Excel Hotel Tokyu guest room artwork, and stage art etc.
In 2014, she shifted her main focus to artistic activities and began creating mixed media and installations. Currently, she has three series: "SELFVERSE," an experiential installation, "SOUL GEMS," an installation and media art, and "Unknown Power," a mixed media series, which have been shown at art fairs and exhibitions around the world.
Since 2021, she has been presenting digital works as NFTs (under the name AURORA) and participating in many national and international events and projects. In 2022, she started to work with New Media.



VOLTA New York (New York City, Gallery G-77)

"MUSIC IS・SELFVERSE" (Art Yī, Brussels)


Beautiful World Exhibition (Kawamura Noh-Theater, Kyoto) 
CONTEXT Art Miami, Solo Exhibition "SELFVERSE: Sparkling Heart" (Miami, Gallery G-77) 

Solo Exhibition "SOUL GEMS META" (Gallery G-77, Kyoto) 

【NFT】#NFFT_2022 ”New Future Fashion x Technology (AL gallery, Tokyo) 

Seattle Art Fair 2022 (Seattle, Gallery G-77)
【NFT】CRYPTO ART FES 2022 (conata, Metaverse)
London Art Fair 2022 (London, Gallery G-77)
Made in Japan 3.0: Defining a New Phy-gital Reality (K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong)


Solo Exhibition "INTO THE SELFVERSE" (Gallery G-77, Kyoto)
【NFT】CAWA Crypto Art Week Asia in Tokyo (Voxels, Metaverse / CIRCUS Tokyo, Tokyo)



Affordable Art Fair Milan 2020 (Milan)
Group show "Mostra di Artisti Giapponesi Contemporanei" (monogramma arte contemporanea, Roma)
Group show "FIRST STEP EXHIBITION" as an invited artist (Gallery G-77, Kyoto)


ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA AWARD 2019 (Fkukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka)



Solo Exhibition "Soul Collection" (The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo, Tokyo)
"The World of The Small and Big Universe" (Daizenin-Temple, Kyoto)



SICF18 (Spiral Hall, Tokyo)
Art Stage Jakarta 2017 (Jakarta)
Art Expo Malaysia Plus 2017 (Kuala Lumpur)
Le Japon (Espace Japon, Paris)



ART KAOHSIUNG 2016 (Kaohsiung)


independent (Tokyo)
ART KAOHSIUNG 2015 (Kaohsiung)
Affordable Art Fair NYC 2015 (New York City)


Young Art Taipei 2014 (Taipei)


2021【NFT】#BigBangNFT Competition winner
2019  FLAG prize
2019  AFAF WARD 2019 fina
2013  Taipei Interna
tional art competition 2013 finalist
2012  WONDER SEEDS 201

Commission works


2022  The Sanriku Fireworks Festival (Iwate)


2021  Panasonic Homes (Tokyo)



2023  "NFT Guide to Expanding the World of Creators 2023", GENKOSHA Co.,Ltd.  



2021  NFT work "Evolving Soul" featured on NHK Good Morning Japan, "Boiling! What's happening in the digital art market? " broadcast on 14 July.

2021  NFT work "Vital Rhythm" featured on NHK Wakayama "Shirahama: With the Trend" broadcast on 26 November.



2022 Sanriku Fireworks Festival NFT Creator's Interview streamed on Youtube on 29 April.

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