Interactive light installation, 2018 - 

"SELFVERSE" is an interactive and creatable installation work that viewers can create by themselves.

The viewer uses a flashlight to shine the light on reflective materials  installed in the exhibition room, and the illusionary reflections are projected on the walls. This action and phenomenon is called "Selfverse" in this work. The "Selfverse" is the viewer's own world of infinite possibilities.

Once the flashlight shines on the reflective materials, the viewer will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful scene that suddenly appears, as if by magic. The viewer can freely rearrange the reflective materials to update his or her "Selfverse". Depending on their ingenuity, viewers can create their own unique reflections. Moreover, by communicating and collaborating with other viewers through light, they can unify and further expand their "Selfverses".

The essence of this work is this very structure.

In this work, the artist focuses on our creativity. We are now entering a new era. Having experienced a number of hardships, the artist believes that we are called upon to evolve spiritually for the new era. For this purpose, one of the most important things is the creativity that each of us possesses. This work may stimulate the viewer's creativity and encourage the viewer to rediscover and expand upon the wonders of his or her own potential. The artist believes in everyone's potential. So she hopes, through this work, you will experience the joy and excitement of creating with your own hands, and the light of your own existence. We will use our creativity and imagination to create the new era.

Upcoming Exhibition:


Nov 29 - Dec 4, 2022


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Kyoto, 2018