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Soul gems meta

How to access to "The World of Souls" metaverse

The World of Souls is created on the metaverse platform cluster.

cluster is compatible with Windows, Mac, tablets, smartphones, and VR devices Meta quest 2 (Oculus) and VIVE, so you can view The World of Souls from the comfort of your home using these devices.

To use cluster, you will need to sign up  for cluster and install the application.

>> Sign Up and App Download (Cluster Official Website)

After completing the settings, click ENTER THE WORLD below to open the page to "The World of Souls".



■Metaverse & avatar creation: TOUNNE

Metaverse artist. She is a pink bear who lives in metaverse. She creates VR works, AR works, 2D animations , and stage visuals by all her hand paintings.
Her works treats animations as  "Anima".

■Music: Katsuyasu Kouchi

Composer, music producer, owner of private studio "green field records". He is active in a wide range of fields, such as film music, accompaniment music for plays, BGM for games, pop, and more. His characteristic is the use of sound that conveys scenery, color, and atmosphere. He is also in charge of the sound design for RÁYKA's NFT works and the venue music for her solo exhibition "INTO THE SELFVERSE" (2021, Gallery G-77).

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