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Unknown Power

Mixed media | 2019 - Currently
Yuiko Rayka, 來迦結子

The series, "Unknown Power," was born out of an experience I had  in Sedona, which I visited in early 2019. As I was meditating at Bell Rock, one of Sedona's powerful vortexes, I experienced a vision of a huge circle of light spreading across the sky. It was golden and shining with high vibrational energy, and it was approaching me, emitting rays of light. I couldn't and cannot define what this circle of light was - a dream, an illusion, a divine being, a spirit existing in this land, or something else.


How much do we humans perceive and recognize about the world, the universe, and ourselves? For example, only 5% of the elements that make up the universe are identified and identifiable, even by modern science.  In addition, It is said that only 1-10% of the whole consciousness we possess, we are aware of. The subconscious mind, which is believed to make up the majority of the rest, is said to store unconscious memories, emotions, learned patterns, and even latent abilities beyond our comprehension, but we rarely access it consciously.  Even in our daily lives, what we perceive as individuals is a flat dimension that depends on the environment, culture, and specific thought patterns in which each of us is placed.

In other words, what we usually perceive as "knowing" is only a small part of the whole (unknowing).  And if we  only look  with what we "know," the world is limited.


But once we are aware of the unknown, the world is full of entities and phenomena beyond the limits of our perception and recognition. In other words, each of us, every single thing that exists in this world, and the world itself is inherently more diverse, unknown, and full of possibilities than we realize. The unknown, beyond the limits of what we "know," has a powerful energy all of its own.


In the series, "Unknown Power," I focus on the unknown of the world and ourselves, and its unlimited energy. The improvisatory forms made of resin manifests the concept of the unknown, and the gold leaf applied to its surface expresses the unknown energy’s strength and power.

Believing in the unknown power of the world and ourselves can  extend the boundaries of our perception and bring about a new understanding and hope for the world and ourselves.


For more information about the pieces and purchase inquiries, please contact the gallery at (ART YĪ​, Brussels)











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