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Interactive light installation, 2018 - 

"SELFVERSE" is a viewer-participatory and interactive light installation work. The viewer uses a flashlight to shine the light on reflective materials installed in the exhibition space, and the illusionary reflections are projected onto the walls and ceiling.

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Video, 2021 -

The video works derived from the "SELFVERSE" series are presented as NFTs.

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Unknown power

Mixed media, 2019 -

There are things in this world that cannot be "defined" or "categorized."
Each of us, each thing that exists in this world, and even the world itself, is inherently more diverse, more unknown, and more full of possibilities than we realize...



Mixed media, Installation, 2015 -

This series focuses on the relationship between our souls and the universe.
Each of our souls is the universe itself, overlapping and resonating with each other, existing in harmony within this great universe...

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