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Nov 29 - Dec 4, 2022 | Miami, USA

Solo exhibition

Booth: B25 Gallery G-77


SELFVERSE: Sparkling Heart


YUIKO RÁYKA presents her creatable interactive installation SELFVERSE: Sparkling Heart at CONTEXT Art Miami 2022.

In drawing together interactive content, play and creativity RÁYKA has created a light-based experience with a great sense of fun. Light is the pivotal medium for her installations that generates extended reality of the unpredictable present. The light ray is reflected off the materials and objects surfaces leaving the phantasmagoric reflections on the walls that directly call into play our individual perceptual responses.

The artist invites viewers to interact with, contemplate and investigate the process of visual creation. By manipulating light reflections, participants can generate and follow every illuminated movement and enjoy an unpredictable multitude of outcomes. Literally the viewers while playing create spaces of improvised universes which are just unique as each person. The artist believes that light-experimentation as a medium of art provides an opportunity to enhance self-expansion powered by your own creativity. This open ended and without limitations, simple but entertaining and playful experiential installation is looking forward to ignite the imagination for people of all ages.


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